Perfect picture..

I wanted to paint a picture..a perfect one.. But I needed few ideas..and den some.. I realised I dint hav a perfect view.. Had some and den a few.. But nothin seemed to impress me.. Nothin dat I wanted to see.. Then I thot of us..hand in hand.. An image so sweet n spicy wich otherwise wud hav been bland.. There wer three pictures I wantd to paint.. Our future..our present.. n our past inside a tent.. Al of dem beautifl n warm just like u.. As fresh as the monsoon morning's first dew.. I dint have a picture of a perfect person.. U made me paint it wid ur blend of perfect combination.. Everytym I see u smile.. I  feel dazed for a while.. Wanted to capture u in ur color of love.. I got it in d afternoon..perfect widout a flaw.. Ur my perfect picture..correct in every angle.. I wud hv nvr found so mch happiness being single..;-)

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Love Love LOVE

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