2 Killed, 2 Injured After Train Smashes Into Car in Kentucky (2 angles)

A day of trainspotting for two men turned into witnessing a tragedy when they captured a deadly train wreck on video.

On the outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky, around 4 p.m. last Saturday, a Union Pacific freight train was on the move, hauling a line of 100 railcars stretching about three quarters of a mile long. It was moving around 60 mph as it headed towards the intersection crossing where a few trainspotters were taking video of the trains on the line that day.

At that same moment, a white Toyota Camry with four young menwere heading towards the crossing. Even though the crossing bells and lights were working, the driver proceeded through the junction.

Two passengers, 16-year-old Chita Chuwan and 19-year-old Suk Man Rai, were killed at the scene, after the car was dragged a half a mile down the tracks. The driver and another passenger, whose identities are being withheld, are listed in critical condition.

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