How to drink beer like a local around the world

Sure, Americans love Bud Light (and a lot of other watery stuff). But just north of the border, in Canada, the beer of choice is Bud Light's heavier cousin Budweiser. Down in Mexico, people choose Corona most often. In China, beer drinkers down a lager beer called Snow; in India, people like a pale lager called Kingfisher best; in Brazil, the most popular brew is a Pilsner called Skol; and across the ocean, in Australia, it's a beer called Victoria Bitter (here's an old ad for those unfamiliar). Beverage industry site Vinepair culled data from market research firm Euromonitor and corporate reports by beer companies around the world to come up with a list of the most popular beers, as measured by market share. Using that data, they created a map, which paints a surprisingly varied picture of beer preferences around the globe. In North and Central America, favorites range from the well-known brands listed above to lesser known brews like Gallo, which is Guatemala's favorite, and Imperial, which Costa Ricans buy most often.

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