Curly Hair 101: Basic Hair Care


A common problem among curly hair is dryness. If your hair is lacking moisture your hair probably struggle with tangles and split ends. Hence, your curls are lifeless and dull. What you need is an intense moisture treatment.

Try the following:

Use aloe vera

DIY hair detangler

Skip a wash!

Natural hair oil is the best thing for curly hair. Washing too frequently can in fact damage your hair. If you can't stand your hair not being wash, cleanse it!

reverse hair cleansing method

Never towel dry!

cotton t-shirt

Enhance your curls!

Your biggest asset is your envious curls. Enhance it and create bouncy soft shiny curls with these tips:

Use an oil treatment

Hair shining mask

What's your biggest curly hair challenge and how do you deal with it?

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