Sterling White and Turquouise Tablescape

A fellow Vingler came to me recently to discuss the tablescape for her wedding. She wanted something "sterling." She kept using that word, but she wasn't talking about silver. She was talking about the level of elegance and sophistication she was going after. I understood what she meant.

I too am a lover of Turquoise; so when I saw it adorning her neck I new that that would be the perfect starting point. This is a picture that I pulled from Colin Weddings for inspiration to guide the look. When I shared that with her I also explained some slight modifications to make it completely hers.

Budget Bottom-line:

$60 Candle holders (rented)

$20 Linen (rented)

$70 Flowers

$30 Candles

$80 Chair covers (rented) $52 Misc (20% of itemization)

= $312 (per table)

Considering you have 15 tables at $312 each, that's $4,680, which is less than $5000. Remember, your tablescape budget should account for 10 percent of your wedding budget. It's okay to go higher, but you must make adjustments elsewhere.

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