Top 3 Hottest Apps for Fashion Enthusiasts

By nytimesapril | March 18, 2015 — 01:00AM

1) Envicase

A new possession showing off app – ‘Envicase’ began building word of mouth buzz when celebrities and world’s famous power bloggers started using the app for a simple purpose of showing off their newly purchased fashion items and exchanging honest shopping information. As soon as fashion bloggers like Bryan Boy and Man Repeller started using the app, the trend hunters of New York began reacting.

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2) Polyvore

If you're ever in an "I have nothing to wear" mood, this app is your go-to. Polyvore offers endless style inspiration by allowing users to create shoppable collages by mixing and matches products. Not only can you create your own stylish outfit collages, you can also search through collages created by others.Going hand-in-hand with your mood boards, Polyvore's shopping section allows you to filter through by color, size, product style, brand,store and more.

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3) Pose

With Pose you can see what others are wearing on any given day based on the weather and your location. Pose provides your daily weather while also giving you outfit inspiration based on the forecast. To further filter your search you can browse outfit pictures based on the occasion you're dressing for—a dinner party, a bridal shower, a day at the office and more.

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By nytimesapril | March 18, 2015 — 01:00AM

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