How To Make Grand Marnier - Alcoholic DIY

Skip to 1:27 to get started on this amazing Grand Marnier imposter. I chose this because another Vingler @NixonWoman) recommended serving Cadillacs for my wedding. And you can't have a Cadillac without Grand Marnier. If I can make this myself, then I can significantly cut down on the cost of booze!


26 oz cheap brandy

1.5 cups white sugar

1 large orange

12" square cheesecloth

128 oz wide mouth jar

12" string


1. Pour brandy into jar.

2. Pour sugar into jar.

3. Wrap orange in cheesecloth and tie.

4. Hang orange by the cheesecloth OVER the brandy mix leaving about 1 inch between the orange and the brandy.

5. Cover with lid and let rest in a safe spot for 4-5 weeks.

6. When sugar is completely dissolved, remove orange and strain liqueur into glass bottle.


Sugar must be completely dissolved by the end of week's 4 or 5. Sometimes it occurs at week 3. Watch it.

Also, when straining liqueur into the bottles, it's always a good idea to use muslin as it will catch any sugar granules if present.

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