Mozzarella en Carrozza (Deep Fried Mozzarella Toast)

For those who miss a nice home food and don't know how to cook a decent meal, I wanna share this simple Italian recipe I learned from a cooking show. Not a chef here, but I was able to pull this one off. The food name 'mozzarella en carrozza' literally means 'mozzarella in a carriage.' Sounds fancy, but tastes all the more fancy. For me, it tasted like a very juicy and savory cheese sandwich mingled perfectly with a soft french toast with crunch outer layer. Also, if you add on the tomato-based sauce, game over. You got served with an 'eccellente' home food. So, without further delay, check this out.

Recipe by me. Photo via Food Network.

Ingredients (1 Serving)

- A bit of breadcrumbs

- 15 grams of corn starch for deep frying

- 1/2 of an egg

- 1.5 to 2 cm thick mozzarella cheese in size a bit smaller than a slice of bread

- 2 slice of bread

- 100 grams of tomato sauce

- 2 leaves of basil

- 3 garlics

- Olive oil

- 1 tablespoon of butter

- 2 to 3 anchovies

- Parmesan cheese block


1. Cut away all sides of bread.

2. Place the prepared mozzarella cheese on center of the bread.

3. Put the anchovies on top of the mozzarella cheese and cover it with the other slice of bread (you are free to put less or more anchovy as you like, and you can even replace it with another ingredient that would add a hint of saltiness).

4. Coat outer side of bread in the order of corn starch, beaten egg, and breadcrumbs.

5. Fry it in oil (356 Fahrenheit or 180 Celsius) until it turns crispy yellow. When it's ready, take it out and place it on top of kitchen towel.

6. Now to make the sauce, stir-fry crushed garlics in olive oil shortly and put in 100 grams of tomato sauce.

7. Put 2 leaves of basil and 1 tablespoon of butter in the sauce.

8. Place the completed sauce on a plate and put the fried bread on it. Finish the recipe with some shredded parmesan cheese on top.

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