Lee Minho and Suzy on a Date in London?

It looks like bad news for Lee Minho and Suzy fans. The pair traveled separately but seems to have met up in London for a romantic weekend.

According to Dispatch, the two have been together for at least 2 months, and have met all over the globe! They say him go to Paris for a photoshoot on the 10th, and Suzy went to London for a photoshoot the same day. Lee Min Ho then flew to London to meet Suzy; she checked out from her Waldorf hotel on the 15th, and Lee Min Ho picked her up there!

I don't even know why Suzy tried to hide, her hoodie/scarf combo didn't really do much to hide from the paparazzi haha!

Anyway, if they are dating and happy then good for them, I just hope the fans are okay.

What do our Vingle Minho lovers think?!

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