Pagani Zonda F

Introduced at the Geneva Auto Show in 2005, the Pagani Zonda F is built from carbon fiber, which as many of you know is an asset for speed. Built along side its regular production model, the Zonda F is a special edition super car which had several modifications adapted from the C12-S Monza and was refined to produce a more appealing super car package. Its Mercedes Benz engine holds a capacity of 7.3 liters and reaches 620 bhp and emits a 561 pound foot torque at 4000 rpm. The chassis of the Zonda F is upgraded to make it lighter compared to other super cars. Overall, its weight is at 1,230 kilograms together with its titanium nuts and carbon fiber tub trimmings. It goes from 0-60 mph in 3.6 secs and reaches a max speed of 214 mph. The Pagani Zonda F, above else, was designed to fly through the air seamlessly. Full specifications below: Base Price: $667,000 Length: 174.6 in. (443.5 cm) Height: 44.9 in. (114.1 cm) Dry Weight: 2712 lbs (1230 kg) Width: 80.9 in. (205.5 cm) Wheel Base: 107.4 in. (273 cm) Engine: Mercedes-Benz AMG 48-valve V12 Horsepower: 602 HP Torque: 760 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm Max RPM: 6150 RPM Transmission: 6-Speed Manual

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