Fancy Front Rolled Bun

You'll love how romantic and unique this rolled bun looks next to your forehead. I was first drawn to this hairstyle when I was searching for a way to keep my side swept bang out of my face. Then I realize this style is also perfect for second day hair (hiding the imperfection) and special occasion.

How to:

1. Part your hair the way you like it. Gather a section from the fuller side and twist the hair away from your face and then place your index finger that’s not holding the twist over where your twist begins.

2. Your index finger will be a guide to wrap the twist around your finger.

3. Before you begin pinning the bun in place, loosen any bangs. Continue wrapping the twisted hair around and pin as you go.

4. Once the first bun is done, pull and tug on the bun to make it look more full and voluminous

5. Repeat these steps right below the first bun.

Visual learner?

What do you think? Would you try this hairstyle?

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