Where are all the Great Console Games?

For the past couple of years we have watched a number of beloved franchises circle down the bowl due to developers trying to cash in. Considering what we pay now a days for these games it is getting very frustrating when we have to deal with horrible server issues. Glitches that push the envelope of our patience. Story line that leaves us wondering if another development company took over this franchise, or no story line at all.

We have also seen plenty of developers default on their promises that they have given us at E3, and it seems the running them now is if you want to get the full game play experience you need to purchase the DLC. For some games this can be very costly.

Hopefully developers like EA, Ubisoft, and Bungie, to name a few, will take this extra time to redeem themselves for past transgressions. Please don't get me wrong there are still games that I play that have tons of issues and I still play them due to the community of players. But after all the hype and when the release date comes it just gets more and more disappointing when the previous installment of the game was better.

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