So there's this guy right...

Haha, Everyone I'd like you to "meet" my boyfriend Kai. He's everything I want in a guy, he's funny, smart, athletic, warm, kind, he loves me exactly for who I am, I don't have to hide my flaws with him, he accepts me. I couldn't ask for a better guy. :D Story behind this picture... So he went to Africa for his birthday which is April 2nd, he left yesterday, he'll be back he 5th so that's a little over a week... ugh how will I survive without him :( Anyway, I told him before he left he should take pictures of giraffes for me because I love love love giraffes!! Lol I told him if he came back empty handed I'll kill him haha. So he sends me a picture of a stuffed giraffe... Smooth move Kai but I still want the real thing :)

Hello! My name is Alicia, but you can call me Ally. :) I'm new to this but I love K-pop so that's what I'll probably be posting more of. Hopefully you enjoy my page haha :)
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