The Last Box of Choco Pies: Consequences!!!


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Choice A.

Push the hand away and desperately reach for your precious Choco Pies,

ignoring the stranger.


You take the Choco Pies to the checkout along with your other snacks, leaving the stranger dumbfounded by your rudeness, you head home and enjoy watching Tazza 2 whilst eating your snacks. You never find out who the stranger was.

Choice B.

Immediately bow and apoligiise staring at the ground.


The stranger smiles at you for a moment from behind his oversized sunglasses, he then grabs the box of Choco Pies befor proceeding through the checkout and then leaving the store, you stand for a moment slightly upset that he didn't say anything to you. After a few moments you take your other snacks up to the checkout and purchase them. As you leave the store you are about to put your headphones in your ears again when the sound of a car horn startles you,looking around to see where the sound came from you spot the stranger standing against his car, he waves at you before making his way over to you. As he starts to walk over it becomes clear to you just who this stranger is, you begin to get those crazy fangirl feels, but do your best to supress them. The now not so stranger hands you the box of Choco Pies and without a word turns and leaves. You are slightly upset with yourself for not being able to say anything. Looking down at the box in your hands you notice there is a sticky note on the box with a mobile phone number written on it!


Choice C.

You offer the Choco Pies to the stranger.

@harmonico@kpopandkimchi@Ambie you all chose this one :)


The stranger shakes his head ands hands insisting you take them. You pick up the Choco Pies and go to hand them to him, but he refuses them and pushes them back towards you, accidentally pushing a little too hard. You begin to lose your balance and in an attempt to keep from falling you drop the Choco Pies and flail your arms about madly. The stranger reaches out to stop you from falling, but instead of grabbing your arm he accidentally grabs your jacket sleeve, he tries to pull you back up but your sleeve tears off and you hit the ground. As this happens another customer has picked up the box of Choco Pies and is in the process of purchasing it. The stranger leans over you to help you up but his oversized sunglasses fall off and hit you in the face. Blinking your eyes open you try to focus your vision. You suddenly recognise the person who is helping you up, you are immediately flusterd and begin fumbling your words as you try and say how much of a fan you are. After he has payed for your snacks the not so stranger takes you out shopping to replace your ripped jacket! ^^

Choice D.

You and the stranger reach for the Choco Pies at the same time as the stranger starting a game of tug 'o' war (That is getting slightly out of hand)

@aabxo and@PassTheSuga you both chose this one!


Both unwilling to give up the Choco Pies you both pull on the box expecting the other person to let go. When neither of you let go, you grit your teeth, you are determined not to lose your Choco Pies. Pulling with all your might the box rips open sendingg Choco Pies flying in all directions and landing you on your back on the floor. The shocked strnager moves to help you up but slips on a Choco Pie and lands on top of you. At that moment another stranger walks into the snack aisle, as he removes his sunglasses you recognize him as Bigbang's Seungri "Hyung... What are you doing?!?" he says as the other stranger stands up and extends his arm to help you up. After you have realized who was lying on top of you momentarily you turn the shade of a beetroot with embarrasment. The man who just helped you up asks if you are ok, you manage to stammer a "Yes I'm fine thank you," before you all start laughing. That afternoon both of these new found friends take you out for a drink. The next morning a box of Choco Pies is on your doorstep with two phone numbers inside the box!!! :D

Choice E.

Push the stranger aside take the Choco Pies and make a run for the checkout

@callmekaren you were definitely the bravest ^^


As you are making a run for the checkout the stranger grabs your ankle tripping you over. He stands up, straightens his clothes, and dusts himself off. Picking up the box of Choco Pies he starts to head towards the checkout. Refusing to give up you run and launch yourslef onto the strangers back, grabbing a box of Pepero from the top shelf you use it to hit him on the head repeatedly. In retaliation and an effort to get you off of his back, the stranger repeatedly slams you into the aisle shelves, you refuse to be beaten though and wrap your legs around his waist to stay on. You might be able to take the beating, but the shelves can't, they start to topple begining a domino effect knocking almost all the shelves in the store over. You both watch wide eyed as this unflods. Still in shock you turn and see the manager yelling at you threatening to call the police. The stranger gently places the box of Choco Pies in the manager's hands, and then turning around he sprints out of the store, with you still clutching onto his back. After he has put some distance between you and the store he lets you hop down, as he catches his breath. The sound of police sirens startles you both, he grabs your hand and pulls you along with him as he begins to run again. Before you can fully process what is unfolding he runs into a building pulling you with him. Once you are through the doors you notice two people looking at you with puzzled looks on their faces. You recognise them immediately as Tablo and Daesung. You realise the stranger has brought you into the YG building. Daesung walks over to you, however, you are unable to speak, as you are still catching your breath. With a concerned look on his face he looks both you nad the stranger over. "Hyung... I thought you said you were going to pick up snacks!" He says as the stranger takes off his sunglasses revealing who he is, you are now even more in shock and start to go pale, realizing what you did to him. "You brought a girl instead?!?" Daesung continued. You realise you are still clutching onto the damaged box of Pepero, you go to hand it to Daesung but in your awkwardness and shock you practically throw it at him. Daesung barely catches it before it hits him in the face. "Pepero?... Oh are we playing the Pepero game... with her?" Daesung begins to laugh, and soon so do you and the not so stranger. You all become good friends, but you do not end up playing the Pepero game.

You never went back to your favourite convenience store but instead found a new one. The convenience store manager recieved an anonymous check the next day to pay for the damages.

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