[Breakup Songs] Without You - Harry Nilsson (1971)

Ketika ia pertama kali mendengar Harry Nilsson bernyanyi, Little Richard mengatakan, "Untuk ukuran orang kulit putih, kamu bisa nyanyi!" Itu adalah pernyataan yang dramatis. "Without You" adalah suatu karya keras yang diboyong dengan kelembutan. Dan tentu saja, lagu ini diremix oleh ribuan musisi di seluruh dunia! When he first heard Harry Nilsson sing, Little Richard was supposed to have said, "My! You sing good for a white boy!" That is a dramatic understatement. "Without You" is such a commanding performance carried off with such tenderness that when Nilsson's voice cracks on that heroically high note at 2:09, you're a little unsure as to whether it was too tough on him physically or emotionally. Either way, wow.

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