Study Shows Link Between Exercise and Lowered Risk of Cancer

We all know that any exercise is beneficial to our health. However, according to a new study conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association, exercise may also be helpful in preventing cancer. The study was spearheaded by Susan G. Lakoski, M.D., M.S., of the University of Vermont in Burlington. The researchers conducting the study looked at the link between high or low levels of exercise of middle-aged men and cancer diagnosis as well as survival rates after diagnosis.

"The study looked at nearly 14,000 men, and the results concluded that those who had a higher fitness level as they approached middle age were at a lower risk for lung and colorectal cancer as they aged. And just as important, the men who did have cancer but had a higher exercise level were more likely to survive, even when they were diagnosed later in life."

The study had astounding results. The researchers concluded that high cardio fitness during middle age was associated with a 55% lower risk of lung cancer and a 44% lower risk of colorectal caner, compared to men with low exercise levels.

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