Why Bloodborne and its creator makes the most brutally difficult games ever made.

From Software, the creator of the newest PS4 hit Bloodborne, has been surprising gamers for a few years now. It all started with the Demon Souls, a brutally difficult game that took gamers by surprise. When Dark Souls, the follow up game to Demon Souls, came out gamers new what to expect. The Souls series is known as being one of the most punishing game franchises around. After Dark Souls came Dark Souls 2, and then we arrive at present day with Bloodborne.

If you are not familiar with the Souls series, you are in for a surprise. The Souls series takes the stance that less story is more, of course this doesn't mean there is no story. Players must figure out the true meaning of the story and delve into the deep lore that the game offers. However, this is NOT how the game got its reputation.

The Souls series is brutal, because each and every enemy can kill you in a matter of seconds. The controls are simple enough, but this game forces you to learn your enemy movements and strike when appropriate, just one small mistake can set you back 30 minutes of gameplay. Unlike your normal hack and slash gameplay, you really need to focus on how to kill your enemies in the Souls series.

But what sets Bloodborne apart? Although it comes from the same creator as the Souls series, and it shares MANY similar attributes as its predecessors, the game is very different. In other Souls games the equipment and powers you could acquire felt like a normal part of the game, in Bloodborne those would be considered a crutch. Where in the Souls series you could acquire strong shields and powerful magic, these things simply do not exist in Bloodborne. You are left with a trick weapon, a puny firearm, and your opponent (which is usually nine opponents, or a nine story tall opponent).

To put it simply, even if you haven't started playing and you're already dead.

You might ask why the hell do people even like to play games that are so difficult?

It's simple really, it's a challenge. The market is filled with games that are so easily beaten that finishing the game doesn't feel rewarding at all, it just feels like a task. Bloodborne makes every other game's most difficult setting feel like your playing on easy in Bloodborne, except there is no "easy" mode.

Every enemy defeated feels like an accomplishment. There is pride to be had with getting through an area boss. It is immensely frustrating, but incredibly rewarding at the same time. That's why people love this game.

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