Mylar Encrusted Easter Eggs - DIY

Elevate your dyed eggs this Easter with flecks of gold!

Using bits of mylar, in any metal finish of your choosing, you can take ordinary dyed Easter eggs and dazzle them to the next level. Assuming you've already dyed or colored your eggs, the only other supplies necessary to complete this look are a paint brush, some glue and of course, your metal mylar.

NOTE: Mylar is not the same as foil.

I LUV MOD PODGE! I swear, it's a DIY cure-all!

To achieve this look, roughly chop up some mylar. Brush any part of your eggs with Mod Podge and apply the chopped mylar. No need to cover with Mod Podge, the eggs are not supposed to be smooth.


Mylar isn't anything fancy. It's the same material you find at the holidays in gold and silver. Many craft stores carry it this time of year for Easter decorations. It comes in all metal finishes such as copper and tin. But it doesn't stop their either.

If you want to get even more festive with color, you can use the translucent mylar grass that comes in the entire rainbow spectrum! How cute would that be?!

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