Do You Believe in "Missed Connections?"

I read an article about a girl who read Missed Connections on Craigslist, and one day found one that sort of matched her description. She responded, and met up with the guy only to find out that he was married and looking for a fling. They hung out and got along well, and then she found out. He just made up a description, and she fit it.

I just have never considered missed connections to be like, a viable thing? Like what are the chances that someone would post it, and that someone would actually see it? Seems pretty unlikely! Will I ever see someone on the street that I can't forget, and have to post something like this?

Love is such an interesting emotion or feeling. I know it’s all chemicals and synapses in our bodies that make us feel it. But, I’ll never quite understand why it’s easier to forget some people and others stay in you for years.

What are your thoughts about missed connections?

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