The Day We Met

The day we met a word


The minute our eyes met put it simply


The second our hands touched put it into few words


I don't wanna sound like one of those girls who is super obsessed with their fiance's

but he is simply my exact other half.

whenever I am with him he makes my life make sense again.

I live inside a tsunami of fear and rage.....but, with him it is all different.

With him I am floating in peaceful waters once more.

My fears are simple....I am not afraid to die, I am afraid of not being able to save those I care for most in this world.

So when he makes me feel safe once again it is absurd how a once very frightened and leery girl could suffer from such a illness of devotion for a young man almost as if he was a thief in the shadow of a misty night, came in and stole her fragile and broken heart away, cared for it with a gentle and tender way about him, and remedy her once shattered heart and soul.

I will never forget the day, just as a intrepid and valiant knight would do, when I was injured he swept me up into his strong yet loving arms and carried me to immediate aid.

I wonder if he knew he was able to alleviate every ailment inside my entire being with just his grasp around my weak and aching form.

He has invaded every sense of understanding and recollection I have.

Am I going insane?

Am I becoming obsessed?

No, my greatest prayer and yet in the same preference my greatest fear has happened....


I am afraid of myself, how can I possibly trust someone else, why do I trust him?

He knows I have been soiled by a monster who lurks in the shadows

He knows I have been tainted by the same monster and many others

He knows about the memories that torment me every second of every day, but yet when I am in his goes away

I don't cower inside my own waiting coven any longer, I stand timidly and devotedly by his side

Yet every day growing my own strength inside myself thanks to his praise, understanding and care....

No, not his care for he not only cares for me, if he simply cared he would not have remained in my sight after my demons grabbed me and pulled me under

Yet when they did he fought for the real, true me

It is because of him I have reemerged a new and improved human being

So I say with a bashful and very much grateful plea

To you, you know who you are, THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a very passionate and avid poet/reader. I have many critiquing ideas if anyone is interested. I am happily engaged. Have a good day, night, whichever :D
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