Habits of People Who Love to Work Out

My college roommate was one of these people: she's bound out of bed in the morning ready to run a few miles. They change right after they morning class to sneak in a quick run before work. Or they head out of work, gym bag in hand—and they're going to use it (not just bring it back home). So how can you be like these fitness fanatics? Simple, teach yourself to love exercise. Get into the workout groove by mimicking these workout fans' habits.

Only Do Workouts You Enjoy

Hate running? Don't do it! Get on the elliptical instead, or find another kind of cardio that works for you. Heading to the gym to do something you dread is not going to make getting out of bed in the morning any easier. Find something fun like the rowing machine or zumba and stick to it!

Look for Feedback

Have a friend, a coworker, or an app, that tracks your progress. You'll be amazed what a little bit of encouragement or data can do to push you to keep going. You'll soon find yourself addicted to your fitness tracker, and you'll love setting and beating goals!

Exercise with a Friend

This is a combination of the first two habits, you're doing something fun (hanging out with a friend) and relying on someone to keep your accountable (and give you feedback!)

Get Back to Nature

Don't get yourself stuck in a stuffy gym, go outside! The entire world is your playground! Even if it is just a walk around the neighborhood, it will do you some good.

Put Some Things First

Your meeting ran late and you couldn't get to the gym? Don't beat yourself up over it! Just make sure to not make it a habit or just give up on a fitness routine all together. Some things (aka life) come up and that's okay!

Don't Think About Weight

It's great to have goals, but you should be focusing on your overall health rather than a scale. Check your fat percentage, your stamina, how your body feels differently, etc. Don't worry about the number on the scale!

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