Wedding Cake DIY - Part 4: Decorating

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This video tutorial is by Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio and it's all about Decorating the wedding cake!

Click here for Part 1 for the Recipe.

Click here for Part 2 for Baking and Frosting.

Click here for Part 3 for Stacking the wedding cake.


Three tiered cake

1 1/2" polyester pink ribbon

4 large artificial pink Roses

small pink artificial Hydrangeas

artificial greenery

vanilla buttercream


1. Cut ribbon lengths as follows: 33"-10" cake, 27"-8" cake, 20"-6" cake.

2. Wrap each ribbon length around the base of the cakes, ensuring that the ribbon is along the bottom of each tier. Use small amounts of buttercream to "glue" the ribbon to the cake.

3. Place greenery between the bottom and middle tier in desired location. Place one large rose in the centre of the greenery and two small hydrangea pieces on either side of the rose.

4. Repeat placement of roses, greenery and hydrangeas in desired locations between tiers.

5. Place a collection of greens, roses and hydrangeas on top of the cake if there is no topper to be placed there.

6. The cake can be placed in the fridge until it is ready for delivery time. It is best to not have the cake sit out more than an hour or two prior to the cake being served and eaten.

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