Governor Cuomo and The Issue on Fracking

As of today, there are some New Yorkers who are unaware of what is going with Fracking today and how much damage it has on the environment. Fracking is defined as the formula of generating breaks in rocks and rock formations by injecting some type of liquid into these cracks to force them open to a larger extent. These larger cracks allow more oil and gas to flow out of the development and into the well bore, from where it can be removed. As a result, Fracking has been ensued in many oil and gas wells attaining a state economic sustainability because of the extraction that can be reached.There is one question that comes to mind that when it deals with New York and Fracking;" Why Governor Cuomo still is considering allowing tracking in New York?" The reason why is because we have clean air and pollution free in some parts of the state is being used as a test subject for experiments. However Fracking is going to do more harm than good because New York's scenic landscapes transformed into industrial zones. Clean drinking water polluted with cancer-causing chemicals and other toxic substances which results in families made sick, accidents, explosions and so much more.

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