Pizza-Flavored Energy Paste; Why Clif, why?!

If you are into running or biking then you have probably come across energy gels at some point. Energy gels are essentially semi-liquid foods that provide a bit of energy for that marathon or triathlon. Usually the flavors are something like: lemon-lime gel, honey goo, or mysterious chocolate substance.

Well Clif, the company behind Clif bars, made an interesting energy gel. It's a margarita pizza-flavored energy paste.

Sounds great, right?

Thankfully I won't need to try this stuff, as the guys at NPR already took care of that.

The stuff is specifically designed for endurance athletes, but I can't imagine anyone would actually want to eat this. The ingredients listed include: organic carrot puree, organic quinoa, and organic sunflower seed butter....just like real pizza..

The verdict:

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