U. of Florida Admits 3,000 Students for Online Only

The state of the university academic in America has already been worrying me for some time. It's all about money, connections, who you know and more. Today, the University of Florida once again reminded me why I don't approve of many university administrations.

online only

Not because I'm being offered some admission, but because it wasn't even given as an option to me. When getting my acceptance, I would be believing that WOW I GOT IN! only to find out that I got in, with some exceptions. Plus, playing nearly 75% of tuition just to go online only? Where you miss the experience of being in the class? Not something I'd want to be given, especially when I didn't want it to be an option.

doesn't designate you only as thatstudents who wouldn't get in otherwise a sort of second chance.

I hope they make proper amends to these students that they want to use as their test dummies!

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