The silent dance, the partner you see but never talk to


You see the person often at the coffee shop, passing by class, or randomly on the streets. You know this person but you don't actually know them, though you find them cute. I've seen some people (including myself) that go through this, what I call, silent dance. Noticing someone who goes through your life and yet you say nothing. While it's a dance we know too well it's time to forget it. Next time you see your dancing partner just go say hi. I know it's hard, rejection can be scary, but they won't bite your head off. Most people are friendly and will love meeting someone confident enough to walk up to a stranger. It gets easier as you try but if you need some quick tips I left some below. 1) Don't think just go. Thinking can lead to second thoughts and you not actually doing something. When I went cliff jumping I walked up to the edge and looked below. I immediately had second thoughts but then just jumped before walking away. Sometimes it can be good to be impulsive (that was not one though) 2) Practice before hand. Practice makes perfect so come up with an easy intro and use it on other strangers (probably the same gender as you) to make it easier for yourself. 3) Remember it's a win-win situation for you. Either you'll get to talk to them or you'll find out if they have no interest in you. It's better to know and move on then having the annoying "what if" question. 4) Remind yourself how awesome you are. Remember you're an amazing person, if you can't then this feeds into the dating yourself idea but I can talk about that another day. 5) Pump up music. If you're fortunate enough to be in a position where your dance partner won't be moving, listen to something that amps you up. For me it's "A little less sixteen candles a little more 'touch me' " because it makes me want to make a change, find yours! Being single can be frustrating but missed opportunities can be worse. Break the dance and take a chance :)

What you'll feel like if they reciprocate your advances

Someone enjoying life.
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