Kpop Songs to introduce to non-kpop listeners

The top 5 songs I chose are perfect (in my opinion) to show to your friends. So I chose songs with a catchy beat and memorable dances.

1. Sherlock by SHINee "I'm so curious yeah! " Sherlock by SHINee has a great beat and the choreography is awesome! This dance is really easy to remember and the video is well put together.

2. Witch by boyfriend I love the concept of this video and although the choreography is difficult you can't help but try dancing it. and constantly saying "Cause your body goes boom bara boom"

3. Voodoo doll by VIXX This video will catch a non-kpop fan off guard. They would expect something bright and colorful like other kpop videos. So this is an element of surprise! I really love how VIXX is different and can pull off something like this video. so the video is surely unforgettable.

4. Heartbeat by 2pm "Can you feel my heartbeat? " The intro always gets me haha. I love it! Anyways this song may take a little bit to actually like, but the video was very interesting because it reminded me of an action movie. Plus you can't help it you have to dance to the song.

5. You're so fly by BTOB Last but not least! I love everything about this video it has humor and it's really good. It catches your attention and you just really want to see what happens!

So I really enjoyed this challenge! It was tough for me to choose just 5 songls so it was pressure haha. so thank you for tagging me!@MattK95 Thank you and be on your way to show any of these videos to any nonkpop person!

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