Our Blue Planet, from Space!

Space is beautiful. And terrifying, and you'll probably catch me talking about that more often than I should be. But for once, I'm not sharing a video of how beautiful and freaky space is, but how beautiful the Earth--how beautiful our planet--looks from space.

This video was put together of videos and images from the International Space station, which orbits Earth. What better way to look at the beauty that is Earth than from a distance, where we can truly see it as a whole?

And if that wasn't enough Earth for you, here's a really nice video of Earth in 4K, made up of images taken every 30 minutes from a satellite. Here's some interesting info about the making of it as well:

To answer frequently asked questions; why are city lights, the Sun, and other stars not visible? City lights are not visible because they are thousands of times less bright than the reflection of sunlight off the Earth. If the camera was sensitive enough to detect city lights, the Earth would be overexposed. The Sun is not visible due to mechanisms used to protect the camera CCD from direct exposure to sunlight. A circular mask on the CCD ensures that only the Earth is visible. This mask can be seen as pixelation on Earth's horizon. The mask also excludes stars from view, although they would not be bright enough to be visible to this camera.

I love this planet!!

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