Weird Beauty Mysteries Explained

Have you ever wonder why does a visit to the salon feel amazing or where did all your hair elastic go? Unravel the mystery today!

Why does getting your hair done at the salon feel so amazing?

1. The average shampoo salon use is probably better than what I have in my cabinet.

2. Who doesn't like the feeling of someone massaging and shampooing your hair?

3. Your hairstylist uses extra tools and expensive products to pamper your hair.

Why is the inside of your makeup pouch always dirty?

Your makeup equipment is bound to get dirty if you take it out and use it daily. The dust and bacteria from placing it on the bathroom table is probably the culprit. Also, if you use mineral makeup the particles can get into the bag.

Where did all the hair elastics and bobby pins go?

This happens all the time. I purchase a new pack of bobby pins but within a month they are all gone! After several months I would find them on my couch and under my bed. The conclusion I came up with - I probably loose them while snugging in bed and chilling on the couch.

Why does lotion last forever?

I have the problem of finishing a tube of lotion. Honestly, I still have one from three years ago sitting on my counter. Perhaps, I never finished it because I get tired of the scent and neglect the old one.

Why does taking an updo down hurt so much?

Well, you're technically stressing the roots when you put your hair up. It makes sense the roots are relief after you let your hair down.

Why doesn't the shampoo and conditioner run out at the same time?

If you have dry hair you probably over use the conditioner. If you have oily scalp you probably use more shampoo than you should.

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