Downhill MTB Course Run with Commentary!

The 2015 Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup season kicked off from the French Pyrénées last weekend. Aaron Gwin took the win with a blazing run down the course in Lourdes, but the real star was former pro Claudio Caluori and his GoPro race preview.

Chasing after pro racer Loïc Bruni — who later finished second behind Gwin — Caluori narrates his harrowing ride over loose rocks and jumps with his trademark sense of humor.

The only thing slicing the tension and suspense of being along for the ride are the hilarious yelps from Caluori, everything from "Ay yi yi!" to "I have no idea which line to take, I just follow the Frenchie I guess," and "I walked this course, but I don't remember much other than there were a few pretty big jumps."

Caluori definitely has a sense of humor!

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