Kim Soo-hyun’s win is hotly debated

Actor of the moment Kim Soo-hyun was named Best Actor of the Year on Thursday at the Paeksang Arts Awards, which took place at Olympic Hall in Jamsil, eastern Seoul. But Kim wasn’t all smiles after his win, which recognized his performance in the hit drama “The Moon Embracing the Sun.” “I’m so grateful for the award, but on the other hand, it feels like I’ve just been given a hefty amount of homework,” he said. “I’ll keep trying to become a better actor in order to remain worthy of this award.” Kim has only been active in the industry for five years, and contestants who lost to him include some of the most esteemed actors in Korea. Park Si-hoo from “Princess’s Man,” Shin Ha-gyun from “Brain” and Cha Seung-won from “The Greatest Love” were among the nominees. The fact that these actors lost to the 24-year-old newbie was a topic of much debate among entertainment industry insiders. Kim has skyrocketed to fame since his appearance in the hit drama, with companies here and abroad vying for his endorsement. Src:

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