My Worst First Date Locations!

What are the most awful places to meet a first date?


What are yours?!

Family Birthday Parties or Weddings!!

Too. Freaking. Awkward!!! Don't make your date compete for you attention, and don't take them to an event where everyone has history together. It's just not the right environment for a first date!

Ice Rink / Roller Rink / Anything on Wheels

It may sound cute in theory, but you don't know if your date will be good at skating or not, or if they even like it! Plus, it's pretty dangerous if you're nervous, so you might as well fore-go it!!! Save this for once you know each other better.

A Movie Theater

Unless you met at something that indicates you're both movie buffs, a movie date isn't the best idea! It'll be an awkward 1-2 hours in the darkness, when you'll have to not speak and wonder what the other is thinking. Strange. Just don't do it!

"Just Walking Around"

While I was against places where you can't really talk, just walking around somewhere gives you too much time to talk and no material if things are just naturally flowing. If there's nerves involved, you need something to talk about! Choose to walk around somewhere there is an event going on to give you material to talk about if you really wanna do this!!

What's your least fave place for a first date?

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