Advice & Tricks in the Kitchen


Rub egg shells with vegetable oil before refrigerating. The oil will keep the eggs fresh for an additional three to four weeks.

Spooning ginger will leave almost no waste and will yield the most beautiful ginger shaved ever.

Keep sliced cake fresher and moist by bookending with bread slices. Join together with a toothpick.

Don't waste a lemon if all you need is a little juice. Roll lemon on a counter top to juice the inside. Then poke the rind with a toothpick. Simply squeeze what you need without cutting the lemon. Seal the puncture with a piece of tape and refrigerate for use later.

Extend the life of berries with vinegar water. 1 cup vinegar and 3 cups water. Dunk berries into the vinegar water bath and stir. Drain and simply rinse under cool water. You won't taste the vinegar, but the trace amounts will inhibit rot and mold for weeks.

Onions last for months without rot or mold. Separate onions and store in hole-punched paper bags. Voila!

Place an onion with a sliced avocado in a sealed container and it will inhibit the browning from occurring.

Store apples and potatoes together. The ethylene gas from the apples prevents sprouts from forming on the potatoes.

Stale chips get a second CRUNCHY life when zapped in the microwave for 10 seconds. Still not crisp? Zap for another 3-5 seconds. Careful, they're HOT!

Revive pizza in a skillet to warm it up AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, get that crust back to its original glory!

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