What type of housewife are you?

Check and count the number of categories which you fall into: 1) You feel that time passes quickly even when you do not have things to do. 2) Instead of exercising and working out regularly, you regard doing housework chores as a form of exercise. 3) You do not keep track of your or your family's finance in the account book. 4) You find yourself drifting off drinking over tea and soon before you know it, it's dinner time again. 5) You have not spend time for only yourself, and not for anyone else, for over a month. 6) You find meet-ups and gatherings with your friends a pain. 7) When you have one whole day free, you spend the whole day on SNS (eg facebook) instead of planning or writing diary 8) You spend about 3 hours researching on an infant product you intend to buy for your child 9) You signed up for private classes so that you would not lose out to others 10) You spend more than 4 hours watching the television If you have a) 7-10 checks: You feel lethargic almost everyday. You will need to recognize the need and be able to spend more time for yourself and only yourself. Starting from today, pick up and make 5 changes to your lifestyle. b) 4-6 checks: Even though you feel that you are coping well, you tend to burn out easily as you need to spend more time for yourself. Make at least two changes for a healthier lifestyle starting from today. c) 0-3 checks: Even after marriage, you maintain your charms, remain confident of yourself and know how to fight for your own happiness! Keep up the good work!

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