How To Make Camping Lights


We'll show you how!

Beer Can Candle Materials:

- Empty beer can

- Tea light candle

- Scissors or knife

Beer Can Candle Instructions:

Step 1: Make a cut starting from the top of the beer can.

be very careful!!!

Step 3: Light the tea candle and put it inside the beer can.

Smartphone Flash Lamp Materials:

- Fully-charged smartphone

- Plastic bottle

Smartphone Flash Lamp Instructions:

Step 1: Turn on the smartphone flash and place it facing up on the table.

Step 2: Place the bottle on the flash from the phone.

Orange Tea Light Materials:

- Orange

- Cooking oil

- Knife

- Lighter

Orange Tea Light Instructions:

Step 1: Cut while rotating the orange.

Step 2: Remove the orange peel (it is important not to remove the pith in the middle of the orange).

Step 3: Pour the cooking oil on the orange pith and then light it.

3 DIY lights…

2 candles…

and 1 lamp.

It is time to camp!

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