Product Photography - DIY

Make your trinkets look legit in photos--that you happen to take yourself. With just a few tools (that you already own), you can take professional-looking product photos of just about anything that's small.


Photo credit: Canon/Little Visuals via

What you need:



Shiny black surface (like a tablet that's not turned on)

Piece of white paper

Small light

2 Binder clips

(And any item you want to photograph, like a perfume bottle)

Get Started

1. Google search for "bokeh" in images. Find an interesting picture you'd like to use as your background. Download the image and open to fill the screen.

2. Lay the item with the shiny black surface, (like a tablet) over your keyboard

3. Angle the screen at a slightly forward to prevent a glare.

4. If need be, lower the brightness setting on your laptop so it's not too bright.

5. Place object (you want to photograph) on the shiny surface in front of the screen.

6. Clip the sheet of paper at two ends using binder clips.

7. Placement of the paper should be at the left corner of your laptop keyboard.

8. Using a small lamp, shine the light through the paper to the object.

9. Face camera straight on in front of laptop.

10. Take photo.

This is what your ordinary perfume bottle looks like when you're finished. Photo editing software no longer needed.


Make sure your shiny black surface is clean and free of debris, finger prints and lint. A compressed can of air can eliminate dust and lint very well.

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