Ugg Boot Cleaning Steps!

You might wonder how to clean water and snow marks on your Ugg boots!!!!

General Cleaning

1. Brush

Brush your ugg boots with a stiff brush to remove surface grime and dirt.

2. Gently Scrub

With a damp cloth gently scrub the entire boot. The aim is to use the minimum amount of water. Too much water and your ugg boots will stretch and lose their shape.

3. Stuff

Stuff socks or newspapers inside your boots until the shape appears normal.

4. Allow to dry

Sit the boot in a dry cool place for 24-48hrs. Do not wear the boots again until they are completely dry or they will stretch. Why can’t you dry ugg boots in the sun or a dry? The heat will cause the boots to wrinkle and stretch, the leathers will be damaged.

Is Ugg boot cleaner too expensive?

- suede or leather shampoo will work perfectly and can be found in the shoe section of just any retail store.

How to Remove Dirt & Grime?

1. Follow Step 1

Follow step 1 from above instructions to remove surface grime and dirt from your ugg boots.

2. Apply Suede Cleaner

Mix the leather cleaner and water, following the directions on the bottle for the mixture. Give the boots a good scrub with a sponge and remember to scrub over all parts of both boots. The shampoo will affect the appearance of the boot and so the boots may not look consistent in colour if you only scrub the stain.

3. Stuff and Dry

Follow steps 3 and 4 from above. Hope this tips help and save your time. Oh, also


The leather will stretch and loose its shape. Also don't put it in front of the heater or in direct sunlight. They will shrink and lose its original shape!

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