Sweet Table Idea-Starters

Setting up a sweet table for your wedding is quickly becoming the must-have norm and less of an "idea." Sure, the cake and all its glory will continue to dominate, but with the surge in 'cute & crafty' projects online, there are tons of ways to make your sweet table super special.

Treats For Eviehere

If you're stuck on ideas about your sweet table, change the way you research. Instead of looking for wedding sweet tables, check out birthdays and showers.

You can also look into special events that are not weddings, like a corporate party.

How many sweet tables have you seen that are one-directional? Like 99%, right? Well, you can always put the fun on an actual dining table so that the look is omni-directional. This allows for a much larger spread and at least two flows of traffic.

Be careful about lighting. Generally, I would advise to keep lighting sources from coming toward you, such as seen in the photo. Lighting like this over saturates the eye with light forcing everything else in view to appear much darker than normal. The effect is hardly attractive when the decorative items are dark and/or excessive.

Since the food can be so expensive, you may opt for less variety, which is fine as long as you have enough for everyone, literally and visually. It's not enough to have enough food; there has to be a visual impression that the food isn't in short supply. The background and decor is a cheaper alternative to buying more edibles. It can add a lot of panache to the table without adding to the budget too much.

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