GE Good Ending Ch 153 Raw Spoiler Summary

Utsumi is shocked to find out from the homeroom teacher that Yuki has transferred school due to "family circumstance." Nobody knows what happened and they wonder why Yuki didn't say anything to them. Utsumi calls Yuki and she picks up the phone but just says she's fine and tells him not to worry. But it's strange the way she says it like it's a goodbye forever "I caused you a lot of trouble…Thanks for everything up until now." Yuki hung up and evil dad appears asking who she was talking to and said didn't I tell you to cut off all relationship with other people. Argh why is he so mean??!?!?!! Yuki just apologize >__< . I hope Utsumi came and just take her away haha. Utsumi and his friends decide to find out the truth so they show up at Ryou's house and ask him. Looks like the cause is the kidnapping incident after all. Utsumi decides to go see Yuki in Nagano so he asks his parents to let him take a break from school. That's the man for you! I really like all the things Utsumi wants to do for Yuki. Now I can completely forgive him for dating Shou His father supports Utsumi after seeing his determined son. His mother is against it but his father says seeing such determined eyes in his son for the first time makes him really happy. Utsumi went to Yuki's house and met her father. Utsumi is about to introduce himself but her father just cut him off and said he doesn't care who Utsumi is since he won't let them meet anyway and tell Utsumi to go back. End of Ch 153 Wow I wonder what Utsumi will do. Knowing him he wont just go back. This is like Romeo and Juliet lol. I really wanna say just let them be happy already. Yuki also needs to get a grip and just elope with Utsumi haha Ch 154 raw spoiler

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