Throwback Thursday: 90s Popstar Hairstyles

One of the biggest trademark of the 90s is pop music. This was the era music videos went mainstream. Through MTV pop songs were broadcasted worldwide. Eventually, the popstars also became an international icon influencing young adults through fashion and culture. Let's take a look at the popstar hairstyle trend in the 90s.

Britney Spears

When she first came out her public image is sweet, pure and girly. Britney's signature hairstyle is beautiful and blonde. The soft bangs also give her a youthful and energetic look (which match her music style really well).

Christina Aguilera

In contrast to Britney's style Christina Aguilera image was a sexy, powerful independent woman. Her signature hairstyle is layered and sleek. Time to time you can see her in highlights and crimp styles.

Spice Girls

They're probably one of the most popular girl group of that era. Each spice girl represents a different "spice" aka personality. Same goes for the hairstyle!

Destiny's Child

Sexy, mature and independent sums up their image. Their fashion and hairstyle are always put together and womanly as seen above.

Natalie Imbruglia

Many of you might not remember Natalie Imbruglia but I'm pretty sure you've heard of her song "torn". She's known for her grungy style and short choppy hair (it was the pixie cut of that era).

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