Even Kids Can Do This 3D Hand Drawing!

absolutely no

Thank god I found this. Viola! A way to make a cute, meaningful gift for someone special. Mothers will love this because their kids can actually do it themselves, and it's their little hand shape, which is pretty darn cute if you ask me.

Anyways, here's how you do it!Handimadia

Those straight lines are way more impressive than ours will be, but I'm gonna pick up some markers and try this on Sunday when I baby sit them! We'll put them in some frames and they'll be so excited to give them to my sister.

Another idea would be to do the main lines across, but underneath the lines, write some of your favorite song lyrics, or memories about the person, so that it has a really personalized touch to a gift for somebody special!!

Cute animals, cute cupcakes, and cute hair are all I need for a happy day!
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