Earthscapes - Art That Washes Away

Why create something that is inevitably going to disappear?

Andres Amador

So why do it? Andres says:

"People are really… they’re enthralled that I would do something that is destined to wash away. That really strikes a chord with people because really, truly, it’s the story of our lives. Our lives are impermanent, and the tide is unstoppable."

Somehow, this is the kind of art that I believe the every single person can connect with. The inevitably of change, the beauty of nature, the simple technique. This all makes it somehow more accessible, and for me, even more beautiful. This beach art is pretty amazing.

Check out these spectacular aerial views of his work as he creates it. I used to draw doodles similar to these lines that interlock and weave on my papers during class, and now he is drawing them with his rakes in the sand.

I've never actually seen any beach art before, but given the opportunity, I'd love to join in on one of the group demonstrations he has and try for myself. How about you?

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