Suspenders Work

Women are not the only gender that deal with the ups and downs of the human waist. I know first hand because mine goes up and down, depending on my diet and what I ate the night before. Did I consume too much alcohol? You don't have to admit it, and you don't have to share all the gory details of your waistband woes, but I know that I am not the only man that would benefit from suspenders.

Suspenders are NOT a clear sign that you're gaining weight, it's merely helpful. The crux of wearing suspenders is more about comfort. Using them can keep the trousers hanging snug without gripping your waist or bunching the fabric. You'll also notice that the pants lay differently against the body. Check out these six style methods to attach suspenders. I have seen and used the leather button and the finger clip styles.

As you can see in the photos you can wear suspenders in a bespoke style. They don't have to be for weddings only. Whenever you wear suspenders, NEVER pair them with a belt. EVER. Don't make that awful mistake!

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