I want to look pretty like you!' Four-year-old beauty lover raids her mother's make-up bag before offering up an endearing explanation for her over-the-top makeover

An adorable four-year-old girl, who broke into her mother's make-up bag and gave herself an impromptu 'makeover', manages to win her mother over after offering up an endearing reason for wanting to get a new look.Mia was caught on camera by her mother after covering herself in bright pink blush and dark purple lip gloss, which she quickly revealed was an attempt to look and act just like her mom.'I just went into your makeup bag because I wanted my own makeover,' Mia told the camera before giving her mom a step-by-step explanation as to what products she had used.

'I used these first,' she added as she picked up a make-up brush and a container of blush.'What did you do with that?' her mother asked.Mia, whose skin had a pink tint because of how much blush she had applied, explained that she put it all over her cheeks, as well as on her head and chin.'And I put this [on] on my eyebrows,' she said while holding up a tube of mascara that she had actually used on her eyelashes.'You look really great,' her mom told her. 'Let me look.' Mia continued by showing her mom the vampy lipstick she was wearing.

'That's very dark,' her mom said, but Mia didn't care.'Yeah, I know,' she told her mom. 'I used it because I wanted to.'Soon, Mia was asking her mom if she could show her how she had applied her face full of blush. Her amused mother watched as she rubbed powder rouge all over face as her skin turned even rosier.'Oh my gosh, Mia. Wow, you look beautiful,' her mom said with a laugh. 'Can I ask why you got into my makeup?'Mia once again said it was because she wanted to before she asked her mom what she should be using for her eyebrows. 'Your eyebrows look perfect,' her mom said, reminding her that 'only grownups can wear this much make-up'.

'But I really want to look pretty like you,' Mia replied.Even though her mother told her more than once that she looked beautiful without make-up, Mia insisted that she should wear it, adding that she was thrilled with the new look she had created for herself.'I do look beautiful with make-up up. OK?' she said.And clearly feeling that she has formed a quick talent for beauty, Mia ended the video by offering to do more online make-up tutorials for her avid fans to enjoy.

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