Braided Updo

Similar to an optical illusion test, these two braided updo styles are actually identical. They appear to be different because of the different hair accessories and the angles at which the photos were taken. I wanted to post this because when it comes to special events, such as a wedding, I wonder how things as simple as a hair accessory could change the look and feel.

Style #1

Starting from the bangs, her hair is braided from the front to the back and twisted into a bun. She punctuates the style with what appears to be a glass and gold thread clip. I love the slightly messy look of this that she created.

Style #2

When I compare the previous picture with this one, sure the clip has been replaced with faux pearls and a black satin ribbon, but it takes the messiness of the hair and seems to give it a more elegant look. There are obvious stray hairs, but it still looks different.

I cannot say that one is better than the other. As I mentioned before, the hair is identical. Only the accessories have changed.@hairconfetti and@modernromance and@nannysally are being tagged here because I would love to get their perspective. Maybe they can shed some insight about how an identical look can look so different through accessories, or other methods.

If you have some ideas too, your feedback is also welcome.

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