Sorry, No Flowers

Not every wedding needs to be festooned with fresh flowers. Take a look at these bouquets that are beautiful no-flower alternatives that you can enlist all your friends to help you with to get a wedding look that is altogether your own. Make it fun. Make it your own personal style. It's just got to be authentic. These ideas WON'T work if you are just into it for a trend.

In the photo above the camelia bouquet was created from pages from a novel. Making a bouquet like this from romantic love stories would be even better!

You can buy kits so you're not rewinding Youtube videos for an hour-long process. It makes it a lot easier and keeps the flowers looking like they weren't made five minutes before the wedding. Paper Source, online, carries kits like this.

Beach it up! Haha. Paper isn't the ONLY way to go off script with your bouquet. Tropical beachy numbers like this can be a huge hit with just the right about of stars and shells. The tulle netting elevates it with feminine softness.

This is what coarse paper and felt looks like in a bouquet. Switching up the colors into the grays like this is pretty on-trend right now,along with coral.

Would you EVER BELIEVE that burlap could be so beautiful? So elegant? Don't agree?! haha This is a great expression of soft alternative for brides harnessing the trend of BoHo Chic. The pearls bring it together. Not digging the neutrals? Simply spray with non-toxic craft paint.

Would you consider nixing the fresh flowers in favor of bouquets like these?

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