Wearing White Effectively

It's not too late to start wearing white. I sort of feel like guys get this visceral reaction to wearing white if it's not a shirt (or under garment). Like, maybe they think white is an under cover pink, just lurking to bite, effectively emasculating the man. Can I just say that men who get nervous and jerky about wearing white are on the verge of being clinical?

Clean white out-of-the-box trainers are best. Not sneakers from Payless. This epic monogram trainer is by Fendi, in case you couldn't see the FF logo. Lyst just pulled it. But when it was in-stock, the shoe retailed for $230. To stay stylish, don't do "everything" you do in life in these. And on a side note, if you ever find yourself wearing the same shoe all the time, I am going to guess that you're not stylish whatsoever.

White shorts. Do I really have to write a reason?! Mr. Porter can drone on about the reasons why you need a good cotton short. In fact you can find Officine Generale chino shorts for $270. There are men out there that think that wearing shorts is gay. For real?!

Gotta gotta gotta. Get a bomber jacket, like the one shown here from ASOS for $36. Made of jersey, this is what you can throw on to layer and for those in-between outings that don't require a jacket but need a little something extra. It zips. There's no collar. No pleats. No darts. Just get the damn thing and let's move on to the next item.

White chinos go with everything. There was a time when you could get away with wearing khaki out and about on the weekend. But the big box stores have drowned the workplace with khaki pant uniforms. It's disgusting! I've actually made the mistake of wearing a navy pique polo short with my slim fit khaki trousers, only to be accused of working for OfficeMax!


White accessories are just as important to finish a look. If you're still wearing black and brown belts exclusively (or never knew other colored belts existed), then you may want to apply for a fashion reality makeover show. Check Craigslist in Los Angeles--they've got tons!


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