Junsu (JYJ) Awesome Musicals

Hi Everyone I love Kim Junsu so much and he is extremely talented,currently he is been focusing on doing Musicals. He is recently working on the Deathnote Musical playing as L , and his MV was just recently released and he really did such a superb job I loved how he really got involved in his character and really did a great , really reminded and Junsu is just superb I was really impresses I wish I could see it live. I really wanted to share it with you all there is no other way I could have imagine the live version of L , I think he did it even better then my imagination. And as I was watching it I also saw his second musical Dracula MV as well and It was just superb as well. And I really wish we can all go see the live Deathnoth Musical but lets just wish him Best of Luck Saranghae Junsu Oppa Fighting.

Enjoy the Musical MV he is a Superb Singer and his character Transformation is great as well.

Kim Junsu as L (The Game Begins) MV

Kim Junsu (Interview) sorry no subs but do Enjoy as we all do understand basic Korean :D

Him as L pics

What do u all think ?

Hope you all will like it


Dracula (Loving you Keeps Me alive) Musical MV

Personally I love this I just this its a superb collaboration

their voice blends together so much I just love it.






I just tagged u guys

because i really want you guys to see this . :)

Hahas sorry but I hope u all will like it Enjoy


ofcourse all credit to its actual owners

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