Scarlet Amaranthus

In a rouge-ee twist on Marsala, Pantone's Color of the Year, this stunning bridal bouquet is on the scarlet side of the color spectrum. In particular, the pieces you see dripping down the sides is called amaranthus. It comes in both the green and red varieties. It's almost weightless and supremely strong, despite its delicate silhouette.

Rounding out the look are deep maroon waxy mini calas, dahlias, vibranium and safari greens that look red. Get to know your greens and second-tier flowers. These are the flowers that are less expensive, yet give texture and dimension to any floral design.

Do your research. First-tier flowers are the popular tropicals and romantic flowers such as roses, hydrangeas, orchids, etc. Third-tier flowers are those commonly seen in country-chic designs that harken to prairie fields. Amaryllis, white daisies, stock...stuff like that.

Spend time googling terms like "country flowers", "romantic flowers" and similar terms. This will help you find what you like or don't like. As long as you can express your desires to your professional vendors and design team, you will save yourself and them a lot of unnecessary grief.

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