[LIVE RECAP] King 2 Hearts Ep 13

Live recap starts ENDED I'm back for this week live recap!!! ------------------------------------------------------- Refresh this card for live update. I will update this card every 1-2 minutes. If you like this recap, please spread the words and comment below~~~ <b>Legend</b> Jae Ha (Dimple King :X): JH Hang Ah (Queen of Action): HA Jae Shin (Our Princess-nim): JS Shi Kyung (Knight in Shining Armor): SK Kyu Tae (Secretary/Evil Ajusshi): KT Queen Dowager: QD Bong Goo (Creepy Psychotic Freak): BG ----------------------------------------------------------- BG finally figured out the password for the pandora box. He found a luxurious golden usb inside. He was a bit disappointed and laughed it off. He threw it back into the box and is about to walk out of the room but decided to try it anyway. He turned on the TV and saw JH's video doing the count down saying if he doesn't turn if off in 10 second he's gonna regret it. There is a secret video of JH and BG's gf. JH asked her about her bf but she said he is not her bf. She badmouths about him and how BG calls himself the King. She laughs and says she's only with him because of money. Saying money cannot buy money and intelligence. Then the gf walked in asking why he doesn't sleep. BG took out a gun under the sofa then shot her right into the chest. He coldly walks toward the gf who collapsed and shot her some more. JH's video is playing still talking to BG. The guards rushed in and saw the gf's body. The secretary guy looks troubled and ordered other guys to drag her body out. It looks like JH is declaring war against BG. He said he has people who believe in him and help him and a person who loves him even when he shot her. BG shot the TV before the video of JH finishes the sentence. The secretary guy informs him JH is gonna make an announcement. JH is standing in front of an audience. He makes an announcement that he will marry HA and participate in the WOC which his brother has put much effort into making it happen. He declares that he loves HA and he will show how much stronger they will be when NK and SK work together. HA steps out dressed in NK's uniform. JH smiles and holds out his hand. She smiles back and holds his hand as the crowd applauds. JH is discussing with KT and one other man. He is opposing JH participating in the WOC. JH said King Alexander The Great also went to war. He's not going there to win. Only for diplomatic reason. He assures them that he's not gonna get hurt. He said as for his King's position, JS will take care of it for a few days. JS is enjoying strolling around the palace in her wheelchair. She made one girl fell but throws biting remarks at her. JS comes to a stop at a stairway and in tears because she cannot go any further. JS is sitting in bed talking to QD and HA. HA is trying to persuade her to take the position as Queen just for a month. She refuses. HA is trying to get QD to help her persuade JS. JS is going to the hospital and HA meets her at the door offering to go with her but JS says no need. HA said she heard about what happened from SK when they went to the hospital last time so she will escorts her.. QD is talking to JH in the green house. QD is crying as JH trying to persuade her to let JS be Queen for a month. HA is talking to a palace lady in the car. The palace lady says how JS sometimes screams and bangs her head on the wall. JH tells QD that people think JS is crazy because sometimes she's in the basement of the place screaming. QD asks him how he can say that about his sister. JH says they will find the bastard that killed his brother and made his sister like this. BG is in a meeting with some guys. He showed them the box from JH and said it's gift from King of Korea. He said how there's no people believing him and it is his fault that it's like that. He said that club M will step forward for world peace. He says peace korea and makes pigeons fly out from the box. JH remembers his convo with BG when BG said he killed his brother. QD is red with tears saying she cannot do it. She cannot let him deal with a person like BG. She said let's just forget everything and pretends nothing happen. They hugged while crying HA took JS to the vacation house where JK died. She saw flashback of herself crawling on the floor crying while being dragged by the assassins. HA reminds her she is a princess so please take the throne for just a month. Her memories are the evidence and their only weapon and hope. HA and JH are talking in the bedroom. They are discussing about how the king passed away. They said how only a few people know about the location. They mention KT and wonder if he is really loyal. JH thinks about how KT has been with the royal family for 30 years. JH is talking to KT in the office. JH asked him you never lie to me right? KT affirms him. KT excused himself but it seem JH is starting to doubt KT. The princess is in her room remembering how she saw BB last time. She thinks about how HA pleads her to be Queen just for a month. The royal guards are chatting and laughing. JS barged in and the rest of the royal guards left except SK. She told him she will do it but he has to be by her side. She needs him. SK said he's going to WOC. JS said there are other people, do I have to beg you? Do I? She said even though she's a princess why does she have to do this (asking him to stay). She said he's really too serious with tears in her eyes. Sk said there's no one else he can trust to do WOC…. JH is talking to SK in his office. JH is about to say something but SK suddenly says he cannot participate in WOC. JH is surprised. SK quickly says the princess doesn't like him so please don't worry. JS asks SK to find out who knows about the location of the vacation house. KT is briefing JS on some events. He said there's a red cross event but she refused to go and said QD will go for her. Someone came in and gave KT a list of participants for the Peace Festival. He is surprised to see BG's name on it. he wonders why he is coming and is troubled by it. SK comes in KT's office. KT asks why SK is investigating the island where the previous king died. SK said the king requests it because he is curious about it. He thinks there's a spy. KT asks who is it. SK assures him that he knows it's not KT and that the king really trusts him. KT comes to meet JH who is being dressed. He asks KT what he thinks about his uniform for WOC. KT informs him that BG is coming for the Peace Conference in Jeju. BG is also coming to the palace dinner party. JH said he cannot do anything since it's an official event and KT will be there too. He will work hard so don't worry. JH is arranging a dinner in the garden for HA. But he dressed in comfy gym clothes and so does HA. They had a romantic dinner and he tells her about his first love. She was pretty but it was a secret that he was a prince. He liked her but after she found out he is a prince her attitude changed. He reminisced about how first love is sad but beautiful and people always to remember it but he want to forget about it. People only care about his title as royalty. He didn't care about anything and just want to have fun. He was sad but now she's here…He said thank you for being with him. She puts her hand on his face. He holds her hand against his face and the two look at each other lovingly. They kissed. Next morning he met with representative from US and Japan. He speaks in English and Japanese to respective official. JH and HA dressed in WOC uniform and went to NK and meet with other officers. JH is glad to see them and holds out his hand for a handshake but the officer who likes SNSD serious and didn't shake his hand back right away. He softens later and the other officers tickles JH while he is rolling on the ground laughing. It seems JH declares that if he doesn't pass the 2nd round of the WOC he will not marry HA. The serious officer shakes HA's hand and said it's been a long time. JS is dressed in beautiful gown in her wheelchair in the King's office while the royal officer announces her duty and hands her the box which contains royal seal. Outside the guards are checking each car that comes to the dinner party for JS. BG is in one of the cars. He calls KT. KT asks why he is here. BG said what does he mean, he sent out invitation. KT asks if he's gonna harm the princess. BG said why should he and tells KT he should worry about himself. He heard KT has a son who is the king's righthand man. BG said what if he knows about what KT did. HA, JH and e rest of the officers are at the WOC conference. JS is behind the door with SK. She's nervous. SK tries to calm her saying he's by her side. He reminds her about the time when they saw the shooting star. He said he didn't see it because she was brighter (awww). BG is sitting at the VVIP table. Looks like he is scheming something. At the WOC they're doing the drawing for which country will go against which country. It was NK and SK's turn. HA and JH walks together to the stage. JH takes out one of the balls. And the opponent is….the USA!!! END Ep 14 preview JS is crawling on the floor in pain (BG!!! what did u do!!!). BG's in a bathtub lauging (ugh). JH and HA are training or something but they get into a fight!

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